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Sneak peak

design is

where science

and art

break even

- robin mathew -

Who are you dealing with?

muyo designlab. is the name under which designer and art director Pieter Jan Bregman operates. Ever since his graduation at his graphic design studies in 1999 he works as a professional designer. This makes Pieter Jan, or PJ as friends call him, a real allrounder. He can manage the complete process of concept, design and layout and adds his commercial views along the way. PJ excels in the creation and design of visuals/artwork.

Some facts

Name: Pieter Jan Bregman

Age: thirtysomething

Nationality: Dutch

Interrests: way too much... but a definite passion for photography, mountainbiking, haute cuisine, Scotch whisky, nerdy tech stuff,

comics, travelling, cool design, world peace, craft beer, jazz music, movies, videogames, and on and on and on...


design is



- thomas j. watson -

The specs

This is the techy part.

Check out the results of these scientific tests proving my abilities, levels of expertise and enthusiasm...

to design is to communicate

clearly by whatever means

you can control or master

- milton glaser -

math is easy;

design is hard

- Jeffrey Veen -

muyo designlab.

Pieter Jan Bregman

Vroonhoevelaan 9

2408 SR Alphen aan den Rijn

m. +31 (0)6 27 28 28 97

e. info@muyo.nl

recognizing the

need is the primary

condition for design

- charles eames -

So, you’re here... Now what?

Well you’re probably looking for someone to take care of some sort of a design matter right? It could be a logo, a folder or a visual. It might even be a corporate identity make-over. A website maybe? Sounds like you’re in desperate need of a designer. The drawback is you just

don’t want an overrated, overpriced and super fancy design agency. You’re looking for a

down-to-earth mentality, lots of experience and top quality for a fair price! You know you’re asking a lot don’t you? The craziest thing is however, I fit that profile...